Larchwood Tree & Landscaping Services


Have you got a problem with trees in your garden?

Then seek the help and expertise of our team at Larchwood Tree & Landscaping services. With over 30 years in the industry, our modern equipment, skills and expert knowledge, we can handle all types of enquiries including:

Tree felling

If you have trees which need to be removed, it is probably because of one of 4 reasons:

  • They are diseased and need to be removed to stop the disease from spreading to other trees, hedges and plants
  • They need to be removed because of a conservation or safety concern
  • They are obstructing the construction of another project
  • They are severely blocking the light from a home or office
Tree pruning & trimming

This is necessary maintenance for overgrown trees such as:

  • Removal of diseased limbs, as dead or broken branches can be dangerous if falling
  • Pruning after storm damage to make sure the tree is safe from falling limbs
  • Reduces the effect of shading
  • Prevents the tree from having too much stress on certain branches
  • Pruning gives a better appearance to any tree

A more severe form of pruning for quick growing trees such as willow

Crown reduction, lifting, thinning & reshaping

Crown reduction reduces the height or foliage bearing section of the tree

Crown lifting is the removal of the lower branches of a tree

Crown thinning does not alter the size or shape of tree but reduces the weight and allows more light to pass through it


Removal of diseased tree limbs or branches to decrease further decay and prevent falling limbs which can prove to be dangerous

Stump grinding and removal

We destroy stump and root system once the tree is removed or we treat the stump to ensure that the tree does not grow anymore.

  • Tree root removal
  • Fruit tree treatments
  • Emergency tree services, no job is too small

All tree work is carried out in sections to ensure the tree felling especially is controlled and safe for all people and properties nearby. Once the job in hand has been completed, we clear away all garden debris, all tree branches, leaves and wood dust and leave your garden clean and tidy.

Whatever help you need for your trees, whether it be a tree that needs cutting back or simply thinning out, seek the expertise of our team, we welcome all enquiries, no matter if the project is large or small, call the expert team at Larchwood Tree & Landscaping Services today on 020 8090 7580, we are waiting for your call.